Fascial Stretch Therapy™ & Structural Integration
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Ready State Fitness empowers people to live an Active Pain-Free Lifestyle

Eliminating pain when other treatment methods have failed

Greatly improving flexibility

Preparing your body for competitive activity such as:

  • Serious running, hiking, biking, and adventure races
  • Sports like golf, tennis, baseball, football
  • CrossFit, p90x, and intense exercise training

Is This Right for Me?

Do you have?

  • Pain and chronic tension
  • Muscle imbalances
  • Tightness and inflexibility
  • Poor posture and limited range of motion

My background is in three distinct but very inter-related fields:

  • CrossFit (Strength & Conditioning)
  • Structural Integration (Posture & Body Alignment)
  • Fascial Stretch Therapy™ (Flexibility & Performance)

I combine my background and experience in tailoring a Flexibility program specifically for you – based on your goals and ambitions.

Ready State” refers to your body’s ability to take on any activity whether it is picking up your grandkids, carrying groceries, running, working out at the gym, or hiking. This “Ready State” empowers you with not only the physical freedom but also the mental confidence needed for you to be able to live an Active Pain-Free Lifestyle.

Because everyone has Different Needs and Goals – I offer Assisted Stretching Packages, Self-Stretching Instruction, and Classes and Workshops to provide you with the tools you need to improve your Flexibility – Long-Term.

Ready State Fitness has a Phoenix and Scottsdale location.

My Phoenix office is located on Camelback Road just West of Central.

Ready State Fitness

400 W. Camelback Road Suite 108 Phoenix AZ 85013

Ready State Fitness Location

Click on map for directions


I also run the Flexibility Program at SICFIT Scottsdale and I am available for sessions at their location off the Raintree/101:

FascialStretchTherapy Scottsdale

SICFIT Scottsdale

14885 N. 83rd Place Suite #102

Scottsdale, AZ 85260


Kevin J. Kula: owner and founder

Email: Kevin@readystatefitness.com – please email me to set up a free consultation

Phone: 602.688.2528

Website: www.readystatefitness.com

FlexibilityRx™ www.flexibilityrx.com