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Free Flexibility Assessment

Many of my athletes ask me…

What Can I do to Optimize Recovery and Enhance my Training? – What will Deliver the Greatest Return on Investment on my Time? 

I sought out and studied with the top manual therapymanipulative and stretching experts in the world.

What I have found is that:


However there is a lot of Confusion surrounding the topic of Flexibility – Many athletes do not understand HowWhenWhere, and Why to Stretch.

So the next question is: 

What is the Most EFFECTIVE way to Increase Flexibility?

Here is what I Learned – there is a simple way to communicate the principles that guide effective stretching:

For Stretching to Be Effective It Must:

  • #1: Be Sport Specific – Directly Related to the Range of Motion and Quality of the Movements that are Important to Your LifestyleSports, and Exercise
  • #2: Be Measurable and Testable – Do you SEE and FEEL an Immediate Difference?
  • #3: Be Simple and Time Effective  - There are Literally Thousands of Stretches, Which ones are Relevant to the Needs of Your Body and Your Workouts and PhysicalActivities?

In my upcoming CrossFit Journal article with Chris Frederick, author of Stretch to Win, and top stretching expert – a new definition of Flexibility is presented:

Flexibility as Chris Frederick (Stretch to Win) uses it, “…is characterized by a ready capability to adapt to new, different, or changing requirements.”

“Optimal strength development requires a mastery of adaptation to challenging demands. Those who overcome the stressors found in and outside of the gym – become strong – developing strength through flexibility.”

Knowing WhereWhenWhy, and How to Stretch Makes all the Difference

Your FREE Personal Flexibility Assessment will provide you with the tools you need to Improve your Flexibility – Your Adaptability – and your Stretching for performing at your best.

After your assessment you will understand how to warmup for your workout, stretch based on the needs of your body, and turn Flexibility into Performance – all for Free.

Everyone has different goals and levels of involvement – which is why I offer weekly stretching classes, monthly workshops, and assisted stretching packages – to accommodate YOU based on YOUR NEEDS and GOALS.

But the FIRST STEP that you need to take is to ASSESS Your Flexibility and Understand How this Potential for Self-Improvement is Immediately Available to You

TAKE ACTION NOW and Schedule Your Free Personal Flexibility Assessment